Kristi Pease



Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Survivor Kristi Pease talks how her breast cancer challenge made her a better person. 

I am a breast cancer survivor. I have learned a few lessons that I would like to share. As one of my favorite columnist, Maria Shriver, once said, “In order to help others, you need to be kind to yourself”. I have come to realize that in order to be happy I have to be kinder to myself and to others. I have done the following: I spent time re-arranging my work schedule to ensure I had time to work out/hike every day work. Working out gives me such an emotional high. I volunteered to work at more charities that supported children’s causes. I consciously worked at “being more kind” to everyone in my social and professional circles and making time to make others feel more special.  I visited friends across the U.S that I had not seen or talked in years who were very special to me at one time in my life. I became a better boss at work, as took time to send thank you notes to my teams who I did not recognize enough for their contributions as I knew this little gesture was all it would take to put a bounce back in their step when they showed up for work each day. I actually worked at listening more intently to my 21 year daughter when she wants to talk to me about her to problems instead of trying to solve them for her. (I know all she wanted was someone to listen to her). This is an area I know I still have room to improve. I started picking up the tab for young families with small children at restaurants. When traveling, I actively sought out conversations with retired /older people. At work and in my personal circles, I actively sought out people who I perceived may not have felt as included in a discussion to ensure they knew their opinion mattered. ( I too am someone who can dominate a discussion forgetting others really want to have a voice). I changed the subject when talking to those that did not share my same political views as I realized that I was just making my own self feel more important by trying to change their views. 

 As breast cancer awareness month approaches, this “survivor” is grateful to be able to send out words of support and encouragement to those who have or are traveling down this same path. You are in my thoughts.