Kristin Boneski



Didn’t See That Coming

I work with a women who lost her sister to breastfeeding cancer. Every year she emails her co-workers with her sister’s story. She ends this email with one request , “please schedule your mammogram”. I ran into her awhile after her email & told her I hadn’t made my appointment. She followed up again & again. 

Finally I made the appointment just so she’d stop asking. After the squish was done what they said shocked me, “we see something and want to do a biopsy”. After tests, I heard it – but it couldn’t be – “I’m young, there’s no lump, it doesn’t run in my family”..CANCER. One surgery, two surgery – still didn’t get a clear margin. Tough but only choice, mastectomy. My friend kept me laughing; she said Mama’s getting a new pair of shoes. Surgery was successful & expander put in (pain – horrible pain). Took awhile but expander was taken out, my old boob lifted to match my new one & pain went away. I speak freely about my experience so I can help others as Rosemarie Hennessey helped me.