Linda J. Tajik



I was diagnosed with Invasive High Grade triple negative breast cancer in January 2009 – the moment that rocked my world. Wow, what feelings you experience and what decisions need to be made when your life just turns upside down for awhile.

I entered this new part of my life with everything I had I knew I had to fight and fight hard especially with the triple negative effect. I had a left side mastectomy February 18, 2009 with tissue expander for reconstruction. I think the biggest part of this was going for fill ups and just laughing as I watched my new breast grow. It was a crazy experience you just have to look at the good when you are hit with something so bad.

I started chemo Taxotere and Cytoxan on April 2, 2009. What an experience no one can quite prepare you for chemo. It was doable and I prevailed with my last treatment on June 4, 2009. I had a hard time losing my hair. I bought every color bandana Wal-Mart carries and wore them cheerfully.

I also purchased a beautiful wig. However, I found it made my head itch terribly – so I only wore it when I got dressed up. I also have many hats which I wore graciously especially the one with the rhinestone pink ribbon I just love it.

With everything that has happened I have come out of this a much stronger and wiser person than before. I love life and am thankful each morning that I am still here cancer free what a blessing. For all of you breast cancer is not a death sentence and is something you can overcome.

Just take each day a day at a time and you will also prevail.