Lisa Gray



I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor and my passion for the spirit and the goals of Susan G. Komen to end breast cancer as a life threatening disease gives me strength. My breast cancer was I have walked, talked, volunteered, mentored, and hopefully inspired others to join me in the movement to end breast cancer forever! In the fall of 2000, I went for my annual mammogram knowing that it was a medical procedure I had every year that I always passed. That year, rather than getting the typical card in the mail saying that everything was fine, I got a call one evening from my doctor telling me that I had “abnormalities” and had to see a surgeon for a biopsy. From the Dr’s casual and matter-of-fact tone of voice, I knew he had no idea that he had completely crushed my life. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. After bilateral mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as a survivor, I wanted to do what I could to help ensure that other women had access to services that they needed and to share the hope that one day soon cures will be found I participated in my first Race for the Cure in 2001 while still receiving radiation therapy. Since then I have walked in 15 breast cancer walks and raised more than $40k to support community grantees and research programs.