Lisa Mayer

Living with MBC


I was diagnosed October 20, 2016 with Stage 4 Breast Cancer after 4 years of perfect mammograms, the latest one was in August of 2016. I had never heard of Metastatic Breast Cancer before. I found out over the phone from my pulmonary doctor… As I look back over the last 3 years I can say there is a part of me that definitely wished this wasn’t my story or my new normal, but it is. There are many days that I could stay in bed with the covers over my head and cry, which I do sometimes. Most days however, I wake up and choose joy and know that I have been given another day to live and make memories and hopefully my example will help someone who is having a hard time with life. Cancer has given me a second chance at life, my life, my story. I believe I am a better person from having this disease. I think more about making memories, loving the people around me and thanking God everyday for this time. I believe this has also changed most people around me too for the better. I also thought my life would be different but I try not to look back but focus on today and try not to plan too far ahead. My husband doesn’t understand why I don’t want to make plans too far ahead but for me that keeps me focused on today and the strength to keep going. You also have to make that decision to surround yourself with people that care and that are positive. It is so easy to go down that rabbit hole when you have been given this cancer diagnosis. Don’t be hard on yourself, let yourself grieve but also give yourself a chance to live. This is my story and I hope it can help you also.