Lori Gardner



May 22,2015 scheduled for regular mammogram – call back exactly one week later need another film, and perhaps another ultra sound. No, check your records I already did both. No you need a recheck. There was no lump, no sign and no reason to suspect a problem. How ironic they were able to see me that day. My journey has already started without me ever knowing. Call back ending with need for a needle biopsy. Biopsy scheduled following Monday and the wait begins. Waiting and more waiting, attached to my cell phone for the call. When it finally comes 4 day’s after the biopsy my Doctor. starts we need to talk! Just tell me please I am already a “hot” mess so please tell me. “It needs to come out” WHAT it is cancer? Yes, Lori it is breast cancer. Meeting with the Doctor that day remains a total blur, thanks goodness my Husband of 31ears was by my side, listening – taking notes- asking questions. It’s now time to put those called “Big Girl Panties” and start doing what I needed to do. Find an AMAZING surgeon – make an appointment- ask questions-get 2nd opinion. Meet with surgeon, we went over every option then needed to make a decision. Since what appears to be Stage 1 with NO family history and had regular mammograms my plan is MRI, lumpectomy, sentinel node, radiation (5 days a week for 6 weeks) and if anything else will depend on tumor markers & MRI. MRI indicated cancer no spread and only the original spot and 8mm in size. Surgery was scheduled for June 22,2015. Surgery results Stage 1 -clear margins -slow growing – clear lymph nodes! I JUST HIT THE LOTTERY! who would ever pray for stage 1 breast cancer I did. How Iron it was exactly one month from regular scheduled mammogram until day of my surgery. I am waiting on one more set of results to give the final determination of treatment. Not sure where this journey is going to lead me, but this is my story. Like everyone say’s it has to start with someone and that someone was ME. Lori – Age 53 – Married 31 years -No family history of breast cancer – Mother of 2 – just became a Grandma- Breast Cancer does not care who it picks.