Maria Madrid



My Breast Cancer Story

Left breast ductal carcinoma HER2+ lumpectomy done 12/02/13 with lymph node removal started chemotherapy 2/02/14 currently undergoing radiation having breast cancer changed my life not only in a bad way but also made me appreciate life and the little things that I have. Unfortunately didn’t have much family support but I thank the Lord for always being there holding my hand and giving me a great companion my dog Milo, a bullboxer mix who’s been my guardian angel, fighting breast cancer is not easy especially when you feel alone but even if I had friends and family support at the end of the day was only me, and the will to survive to live, I cried many times, was scared, and thought I was going to die. .. but never lost hope, today I sit here today and can say that God exists, that he carried me, and made me not only stronger but a better woman.