Maricel Mijares



Of course it’s devastating to hear that you have cancer but as someone who have gone through the journey it’s very important to connect , to ask and to decide what you want for yourself. Don’t be scared and you’ll do fine. early detection is very important.
I have been diagnosed with BC with DCIS in march of 2021 and had a bilateral mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction on Oct 2021 because for me that was the best option I chose .

It was a long journey and am blessed not to have chemo and treatment with clear margins. Been a survivor for almost 3 years now and I would say life has been so precious to me given a second chance and have been a thriver learning and changing my life to a healthy lifestyle and at the same time this journey has made me a healthy life changer and an advocate for health and wellness. I am a nurse by profession but sharing my healthy lifestyle and inspiring people that through a healthy and nutritious movement for healthy cooking I am helping the society a better and healthier place to live. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself fit and healthy is embracing your self to a better you. It is very important to love yourself after all you’ve been through and it’s up to you to keep it up.

I have been a strong community influencer for health and wellness . I wanna make an impact on the community by influencing people’s choices in healthy living