Jasmine Samuel



Flowers Bloom When Rain Falls

Just one day after my 38th birthday, my storm started. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few weeks later, the storm got worse, I found out the cancer was triple negative stage 3 and grade 3. I thought it was the end, my life was over before 40.

Then I remembered one thing. I could have cancer or I could let cancer have me. I chose to face the challenge with all the courage I never knew I had. Sixteen aggressive chemotherapy treatment, one year of immunotherapy therapy sessions, double mastectomy, and three major reconstructive surgeries could not stop me. Through sickness, financial despair, across states travel, and nineteen months of absence from work I made it.

I made my mess, my message. I started a foundation targeted at supporting the breast cancer community by providing necessary support services and navigation throughout one of life’s toughest challenges. I was selected into Komen’s Advocacy Ambassador continually working to serve my community and advocating for equity in breast cancer care and access to appropriate treatment options and services.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not the end. Mindset is everything. When I thought was the end was only my beginning. Selected as a scholarship recipient for the 2024 Komen Foundation Center for Public Policy Advocacy Ambassador Summit in Washington D.C. serves as confirmation that my storm was only meant to serve as nourishment for the flower (me) to bloom. Let your storm feed you, stay encouraged!