Marie Boily

Living with MBC


During the summer of 2003, the nodes under my arm swelled up. After a mammogram and sonogram, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. This was followed by a mastectomy, chemo and radiation.

I took a leave from work, my hair fell out, but I never did get sick. In remission for over a year, I was told after a routine CAT Scan that I had a one centimeter tumor in my skull. I was so frightened. The operation was rough. The mastectomy was nothing compared to having your head opened, skin flapped back, nerves cut, and skull drilled removing two centimeters.

The hole that I had in my skull was filled with a substance that would harden. The skin is then put back in place with 42 huge staples. The tumor was cancer, a spread from the breast cancer. It was decided that I would need radiation. This was also very rough. A mask is made of your face. You slide into a machine and the mask is braced to a device under your head making sure that the head cannot move.

The mask is so tight that you could not open your eyes or mouth, making it very scary. Since my tumor was estrogen positive I was put on a pill, which I take every day. My three girls were so supportive during all this.

Bottom line, it has now been almost two years since the reoccurrence. I am back at work full time, watched my daughter get married, saw my first grandchild born and am actually feeling well. I would like to share my story with everyone and let them know that you are not doomed by your diagnosis. You will bounce back.