Marjorie Fletcher



November 24, 2014 was the most devasted day of my life. The day I learned I had Cancer in both breast. I was divorce, lived alone with my puppy (Jake) and my family lived far. But, I thank God for my FAITH and he being an ever presence in my life. Mark 5:34 “Daughter, your Faith has made you well”. You see our Faith activates God’s Powers. He gave me the strength to get through this He gave me the Hope to get pass this He gave me the Love to embrace this Faith, Family and Friends were part of my recovery. My sister came to care of me for 3 months. My church members became my new family. My family far and near supported me and prayed. I saw the care, encouragement & support of the Breast Cancer Community. He transformed me into someone New that many can see. That this disease don’t OWN me.