Mary Jo Cyr



I remember walking in my first Susan G. Koman walk when I was a 2 year survivor and I was so very afraid that my cancer would come back and I would die young. I remember seeing the women standing under the 5, 10 and 15 year survivor areas at the walk and thought, wow, maybe that will be me. I now walk in the walk as a way of giving hope to others who are newly diagnosed. I was diagnosed in June of 2005 at 45 years old. I was stage 2B, her2neu +++ and went through a year and half of treatment. It was a frightening journey to be on and I will not lie, I was very afraid. That was 11 years ago. I am healthy and happy and look back on all I went through and now consider it all the best blessing in my life. Truly. I wouldn’t change a day of it. God has taught me so much and so many things about my life have changed. God and this disease has given me a love for life, a deeper love for God and I no longer fear death. I know now that my life is in God’s Hand’s and He will do with me and my life what is meant to be. I now live my life with a daily appreciation for all that is before me. I am thankful I have a husband who has always supported me and was always there for me. He always encouraged me and was always by my side for every treatment, surgery and radiation. I also appreciated the many cards I received. Going through breast cancer can be so lonely and when friends think of you by sending you a note of encouragement it really helps in knowing you haven’t been forgotten. My journey….my blessing. Yes, this journey was hard. The hardest thing I ever went through, but most always, it’s in those “valley” times that we grow the most. I thank and Praise God for all I went through and that He never left my side.