Mary Katherine Weber



Mary Katherine Weber is a firm believer that volunteerism comes back to you ten-fold. Over five years ago she and a determined group of women formed a “dog and pony show” to bring Susan G. Komen for the Cure to the Texarkana, Texas community. Serving as speech major, Mary Katherine and her group traveled all around the community talking to anyone that would listen to what they had to say about the Komen Foundation and the importance of finding a cure for breast cancer.

Mary Katherine’s enthusiasm was so contagious that it spread like wildfire throughout the city, and the first Texarkana Race for the Cure® was held in 1999. Starting the Affiliate was not enough though. Mary Katherine made the volunteers of the Affiliate comrades in the fight against breast cancer. When one of the Race committee members was diagnosed with breast cancer Mary Katherine helped form Cathy’s Cowgirls (Cathy’s on Wednesday). Up until the end of Cathy’s fight with breast cancer the group of cowgirls would host a theme lunch at Cathy’s house and give support to their fellow volunteer.

Mary Katherine has been involved in every facet of the Affiliate. From serving as a board member to ensuring that each survivor received a gift at the first Race to offering up her house as the headquarters for stuffing team packets, no task is too small. After all of the lives that she touched through Komen, volunteerism came back to her in her time of need when she lost her son. The strength and the courage that she witnessed and continues to witness in the women and men that are touched by breast canceris what made her strong.

Mary Katherine believes in the synergy of the Komen Texarkana Affiliate and will always be close to the core. She continues to serve as a consultant for the Affiliate and is always there when they need her.