Mary Waikiki



Mary Waikiki


Mary Waikiki

Treatment: Chemotherapy, lumpectomy




I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2008. I completed treatments in May 2009. I am waiting for reconstruction.

I am a single mother of 2 sons. I had a lump that I had for about 2 years.  Every year I had it checked, as well as had an ultrasound. The test came out normal tissue.

My doctor informed me, if it ever changed in any way to notify him ASAP. About 3 weeks after one of my mammograms and ultrasound tests, the lump changed. It got larger, and harder. I immediately called my doctor, and was immediately sent to a surgeon. The surgeon said I had inflammatory, invasive, ductal breast cancer.

I wasn’t expecting the journey to be as long as it was, but, by the grace of God, incredible doctors, & support from friends and family I am now a survivor! YEAH! Through this journey I had great financial strains, as I am sure many that have gone thru this disease have. During my entire journey I was blessed by friends, family, and unknown kind people, that help me and my family survive.

The timing was always incredibly perfect. I continued to work through my entire process because I am the sole supporter. During chemo, I did take 2 days off a week so I could recuperate, and during radiation I was able to miss about an hour a day from work.

My company was very gracious to allow me to continue to work through the entire process. I was very grateful. Thankfully, I have a desk job primarily, my co-workers were also incredible.

I am grateful for the work Susan G. Komen for the Cure® does to help continue to help win this battle. When I am able, I give. The journey can be long and hard, but, the love and support will help you through. Never Give Up! You are worth it!