Megan Ralston



5 days after my 30th birthday, I was told I have stage 4 breast cancer. My baby boy was only 9 months old and I was in complete shock. I have been a very healthy person my whole life. I was even a division 1 athlete in college. I have no family history of breast cancer and wasn’t even aware of the possibility of having it at such a young age especially since early detection is considered through mammograms at 40. 

The breast cancer I have is considered a pregnancy related breast cancer and is estrogen and progesterone positive. I found a lump at around 6 months postpartum and was told by a gynecologist that it was a blocked milk duct. Two months later, I found out it was much more than anyone expected. I’ve gone through 4 rounds of chemo and have one more to go. After that I begin hormone therapy. 

My faith is strong and as strange as this disease came upon me, the more confidence I have to fight it. The last thing I want is pity. I want inspiration, I want to be lifted up, to be prayed for, to bring awareness. I want determination. My biggest motivation has been my husband and son who just turned one. My goals are to not let this diagnosis define my life. My goals are to go back to teaching first grade. My goals are to beat this with a positive mindset, while strengthening my faith and lifting up others. My goals are to watch my son grow up and to make him proud of me. One day at a time. For me and many other women diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer, everyday is game day.