Melissa Gorman



At age 30 I found out I carry the BRACA I mutation. My breast cancer risk was 84% with a 20% chance of relapse. My paternal grandmother, and aunts died of breast cancer. My other aunt died of ovarian cancer. I refused to wait for cancer to come for me! I had both breasts removed last year and underwent reconstructive surgery. I’m alive, I’m healthy and I have a beautiful team of doctors taking care of me. I’ll lose my ovaries by the time I’m 40 but that’s ok! I’m here. I’m happy. I saw what cancer did to my aunts, and it took my grandmother away before I could even meet her. I call myself a pre-vivor. Survivors face the toughest challenges and while my journey wasn’t easy I know other women have a tougher path in life. My cousin is a two time breast cancer survivor. I give her credit! She is a tough women. Thanks for listening! I’ll proudly be wearing my shirt that says “yes they are fake… The real ones tried to kill me.”