Michelle Wilkinson



It was just a annual Obgyn visit, when my Dr. Asked me about a lump right near my rib cage. She told me that I had missed my June 2008 mammogram . I had a family emergency and never reschedule it . I have been getting mammogram since I was thirty because my mother and grandmother are both survivors, t. I within the week I was sent for mammogram , sonogram , biopsy , genetic testing. Only to confirmed that I was indeed breast gene carrier and I had breast cancer . The next 2 years of my life was a fight. Lumpectomy , mescetomy , chemo , radiation, blood transfusion, reconstructions , hopistal stays.,physical therapy. I am very thankful today , as I have come thru that storm with the support of my faith, family and friends, and organizations such as, Susan G Komen , and the American cancer society . Thank for all you do. Michelle Stage 3 3 generations survivor