Nada Crowder



I discovered a lump the size of a plum seed in my left breast back in December 2006 while taking a shower. It disturbed me because I had for one not noticed it before and secondly it was dimpled and hard.

I waited maybe a week and addressed my concern to my mother. After she and my sister who works in oncology observed the lump they both advised me to go see my physician and have it examined. After an ultrasound, biopsy and finally lumpectomy, my results from the last test mentioned were positive for cancer; i was diagnosed in January 2007.

I’ll never forget those words announcing I have cancer coming from the surgeon’s mouth. Shortly after being diagnosed, everything involving treatment to put an end to the disease took off. In March 2007, I had my port placed. April thru August 2007, I endured 6 treatments of Chemotherapy.

Loosing my hair was the most traumatizing side effect of that poison. On August 31, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with expander insertion; September thru November 2007 I had 27 treatments of radiation. On February 14, 2008, I had breast implants inserted, which meant for me an end of breast reconstruction and I was on my way to total recovery.

It all happened so suddenly, now I look back and it’s hard to truly gather all the agony my body went thru but I did and I’m still standing. I am so blessed to be alive, all praises to GOD Almighty! I am a survivor.