Olivia Moreno




A second life

I would tell them that they have to be brave that if there is hope there is life, I have been a survivor for 8 years and I can say that these are years in which I have lived intensely and have done wonderful things.

The diagnosis changes your life, the best recommendation is that you do not lose hope and that you think of your family, and pray as much as you can Pat that God guides the doctors. change your life, beneficiary of the simplest things in life and celebrate that you can still do something, the most important thing is to live day by day. and think about how you can help others to be positive and live with joy, I changed my life and now I do altruistic service and that fills me up and strengthens me as far as I can, I will continue to do so.

Now I have a group of women from the community who help other women in treatment by holding an event a year to subsidize personal expenses. It is a source of pride