Pam Walker



April 1, 2018 Today I want to share with y’all the word “INSPIRATION”. I’m pretty sure if you go look up the definition you will find the name PAM WALKER. Let me tell you why. This beautiful lady has moved me to tears too many times to count. But wait!!!! These are “good” tears. These are tears that come from the soul. These are tears that just come flooding down your cheeks because Pam Walker has once again, touched your very core. Whether it be through her gift of ministry through signing or her sweet spirit filled with love for the Lord, her presence alone will be a witness to you. You see, her biggest gift to anyone around her, is that you can see Jesus through her. 2015 was an excruciating year for her. She lost her husband suddenly in September 2015, after 27 years of marriage. 2 short months later she was diagnosed with Ductal Cell Carcinoma Stage 2, which was found during her routine mammogram. She had a partial mastectomy on Dec 8th, 2015. She went through 4 months of chemo and 2 months of radiation. Many would probably ask, “Why would God let this happen to her? She had JUST lost her husband!” But guess what? I never once heard her ask, “Why?” She leaned on the Lord for strength and courage. She GAVE IT TO GOD! Once during one of our private conversations she admitted to me that during this battle with breast cancer, she was ready to fight it full force and remained focused on God and His plan and His healing, but that she was ready to put this battle behind her, because she had not even grieved the death of her husband yet. Can you imagine having to put your grief on hold to fight the fight of CANCER? You see, I lost my husband to aggressive brain cancer exactly 2 weeks before she lost her husband. We share a special bond, because we both know what it feels like to lose a spouse. So, hearing her say that she had to be focused on God and on beating this disease, and THEN she could grieve her husband after she beat cancer, just totally tore my heart apart. I knew at that moment that this beautiful soul was stronger than anyone I had ever known, and that God was working in her! I saw time and time again how her Faith was ALWAYS in the front of anything she did and everything she had to tackle. Through her journey and cancer treatments, she still took care of her elderly daddy, “Pappy.” She was such an inspiration (there’s that word again) to me and ANYONE that came in contact with her. And 2 years ago today she took her very last chemo treatment! And she did it with a smile and a “Happy Dance”. She won the VICTORY! In my eyes, when I think of my friend Pam Walker, a cancer survivor, I think about how blessed I am to know her and have her in my life, but I also look at her as “Super Woman!” She is SO beautiful inside and out. But if you ask her, she wouldn’t claim to be no “Super Woman”. She would give all the praise and Glory to God! A true INSPIRATION…. That’s what she is. Her personal testimony is as powerful as her FAITH is! Please join me in celebrating this AMAZING lady! “I Can Do All Things Through CHRIST Who Gives Me Strength” Philippians 4:13