Paula Sue Russell



The Day the Shock Came…

Actually, there were many shocking days: the day I was told I needed chemo February 16, 2022, the day I had my chemo shave March 24, 2022, the day I learned I needed more radiation May 16, 2022.

Being diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ended up being surprise after surprise…and not the kind of surprises anyone wants. I was fortunate to have a fantastic support team from the start with the Sanctuary Cancer Center in Fort Myers, FL (through the Lee Health System).

Today I am ‘cancer free’ and starting to grow my hair back.

However, in my mind I am a candidate for more breast cancers. After my lumpectomy, I found that my cancer was genetic. Both my grandmothers had breast cancer and my gene tests came back positive. I’m sure most breast cancer survivors have the same thoughts whether they have a genetic history or not.

I’m just glad we have the diagnostic tools available for early detection. Our chances for continued survival are in these tools and we MUST use them.

NEVER EVER skip that mammogram!