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Newly diagnosed

I’ll start at the beginning. 2017 had blood discharge from my right breast after a ductogram was told everything was fine but we will watch. I had mammograms every 6 months for 2 years. I was finally feeling good when in 2022 I had to have hysterectomy due to fibroids which was 5/2022. June 2023 right breast again having bloody discharge but also found a lump though I wasn’t too worried as figured it would be same outcome. Went to doctor though to have checked out. Ob was worried and diligent. She sent me for diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. Findings said normal and just blood filled cyst come back in year but watch if additional symptoms . My ob called after getting report said referring you to breast center as I’m not comfortable waiting. Go to breast center early July. They did needle biopsy with initial appointment. Couple days later told inconclusive so we need to schedule excision biopsy. Excision biopsy scheduled 7/24 so waited for results. Still no results after 2 follow up visits. Told complex case so had to send to mayo. After 1 month waiting results finally back!!! It’s DCIS. I do not fully understand diagnosis etc yet as today is Monday august 28 and I got call on Friday august 25. All I can say is thank god and my doctor there was not a wait and see!!!

I don’t have a plan or any direction yet but at least now I know! I am scheduled for mri on 9/7 and appointment with breast surgeon 9/13!

Don’t wait and see!!! Why are we told this?