Rachael Cubb



Hello, My name is Rae and I was a girl entering life in 2020 with new business adventure, loving family, and just accomplishing my weight loss goals. My world came crumbling down when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on Feb 2020. The news came a few weeks before my 35th birthday. I was so crushed and hurt because I’ve always did the right things to prevent health issues. I kept myself in great shape, and making sure I was healthy.

As the news came to a shock to me it was a bigger shock for my family and friends. This was their Rae Rae. The bubbly, upbeat, always showing up, entertaining person who kept a smile on her face. With the help of my family and friends and even my co-workers as I work in oncology the journey that I began to take was that much easier. This is why I am able to scream I AM CANCER FREE as of Oct 1 2020.

This was the hardest thing I had to battle because I was not in control of the outcome. I can’t bargain with anyone or even speak to someone on this matter. This is a true battle with my Faith, my body, and this horrible disease. I am still processing life after cancer as this is no easy journey. I just want you to know I am making it and you will too. My future goal is be an advocate for young women that are gong through the journey. Live life to the fullest!!!!

Thank you For Reading My Story!