Rachel Boose



Hello my name is Rachel Boose, I am from Griffith, Indiana. I just turned 30 years old in July, and never envisioned that I would enter my 30’s with breast cancer. I was living my normal life, doing my day to day activities, taking care of my two and a half year old, two dogs and a house. Enjoying all things about being a stay at home mom. Until March hit and I knew nothing would be the same. September of 2017 My daughter had found the lump on my breast while she was playing on me. I had a Doctor appointment set for November, and knew I had no family history of breast cancer, so I was not too concerned. After my exam my Doctor did not say anything regarding the lump, so I went on my way thinking everything was ok. I then watched this lump in my breast continue to get bigger, with a little bit of pain here and there. And towards the end of February into early March I noticed the lump was protruding out of my breast and the pain was getting severe, so by then knew I was in trouble and was scared. I decided to see my family Doctor instead and they sent me out for a stat mammogram. I cried the whole way there. So, after the two longest days of my life regarding my biopsy results, they confirmed it was cancer. I couldn’t cry because I knew deep down that it was, even though I continued to ignore it. But I knew then and there that I HAD to be ready to fight, and I was not going to back down no matter how bad it was. And after multiple blood tests and scans, they confirmed it was at stage 3. An 11.6 cm tumor which was very aggressive, and it hit a lymphnode. Chemo was going to be first and they wanted to shrink it as quick as possible. Then I was told I would then have a mastectomy, with radiation to follow. There are many lessons I have learned through this that I want others to know. ALWAYS pay attention to your body, no matter what may or may not be overlooked by a Doctor. Speak up, even if you may not want to know the answers especially just because you may not have family breast cancer like me. And ALWAYS do breast exams, my age or not. Early detection is way better than waiting till its very bad like mine, or sometimes too late. Even if you’re scared, just do it. It is always better to know. I was scared, and had a hunch that I knew what was going on but did not want to know. If I had listened to my body I could have had less treatment, less surgery, and less of many things. But this is something you can do if you are faced with it, and honestly the scariest part is the unknown. It can all be done, you just have to push through as best you can and trust in yourself that anything is possible. I have said since day one, attitude is everything. and it is. it makes all the difference. And I am pleased to share that I finished chemo on August 2nd, my right mastectomy August 24th, and am currently undergoing radiation therapy. 3 weeks in already with 2 left to go, and am up here today holding my held high. Keep the faith and keep pushing no matter how much you may want to give up! And as always, fight like a girl!