Rahel Tamiru



I am married mother of two. My oldest son is Eliab who is 13th and my youngest is Yadell and he’s 10. I will never forget October 3rd, 2009 and it feels like it was yesterday. My husband and I went to a friend son’s wedding that Saturday night on October 3rd, 2009. I remember thinking about my friend and how happy she looked seeing her son walk down the aisle. As I held my husband’s hand I begin to think to myself. God I hope we will get to see our boys get married. I would soon come to realize that God answer prayers in his own way. Sometimes we may not understand his answer, but that answer will lead us to the prayer we really need. We came home later after the wedding reception was over. The same night God sent pain through my right breast. The pain had me feeling like I was having a bad dream. I thought to myself this feels familiar, when my boys were born I breastfed them. The pain in my breast was similar to that, like it was full of liquid. I got up went to bathroom and I felt something. I could not even believe what I felt in my breast. Sunday morning October 4th I told my husband and mother that I felt a knot in my breast. They both suggested that I go get a checkup. See at that time God was using human instruments to guide me. Sometimes we are too stubborn to see or understand that. I called to my doctor and made appointment on Monday October 5th.

I remember my doctor saying you are only 38 so I’m not even going to suspect Breast Cancer. Said he wanted me to do a sonogram the same day. I had the sonogram done. I will never forget the look on the techs face. I could tell she did not like what she saw so she stated I needed a biopsy. I did the biopsy on Thursday October 8th. I received a phone call on October 13th asking me to come in and speak with my doctor about the results. I went to see my doctor and he couldn’t even look at me when he told me the bad news, Breast Cancer. I was so angry, sad and devastated. My first reaction was why me? I called my family and told them to meet me at my sister n law’s house. I asked them to be strong and help me get through this. My Son Eliab at that time was 6 and my Yadell was 3. The same night I came home and as usual I prayed with my kids and put them to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to call my little sister who lives in Sweden (Stockholm). I was not able to talk to her. At that moment I got on my knees and ask the Lord to send me strength and healing. I remember that moment I cried and prayed until I felt his peace. After I finished my prayer I knew I had been healed!!!! I said to God you gave me two precious boys and I know you want me to see them grow. I trust you God and I know you have healed me. After that prayer I woke up in the morning and went to work.

I told my boss Tracey Carver that I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My boss and other friends started praying for me. I became very strong for my whole family. Usually it’s vice versa, but I was the one holding my family together. After couple of weeks I did my surgery and the doctor said I had 1st stage breast cancer. I was very grateful and thankful when I heard 1st stage. After surgery my doctor advice I take 6 session chemo therapy and 6 weeks radiation treatment. The hardest moment for me was not losing my hair, but having to explain to my son 6 year old why he couldn’t play in mommy’s hair any more. It was hard seeing that he loves long hair. I wanted him to understand that we needed to make this decision. I told my Eliab that mom has to stay around a little longer to take him to his football practice and cheer for his favorite sport. I need to take medication and that medication will make me lose my hair. That was the toughest moment of my life. Eliab said he will accept that and support me while I take my chemo.

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Eliab is a big dreamer starting from pre-school his dream was to be NFL player. I have to explain Eliab mom is going to miss few football games. I ask God if I cannot survive just to give me few years to help my son dream come true by taking him to football practice and watching his games. I remember praying to God to please Give me 6 more years till my son is in middle school then he does not need any body to take him to practice and games. On December I started taking my chemo treatment. My first chemo treatment was a bad experience. I almost lost my life in the chemo chair. The chemo therapy reaction stopped my heart and I almost died from it. I remembered my oncologist panicking and he said he had never experienced anything like this. My Oncologist said he had to change the percentage by 1%. My question was what will be my next option? What kind of chemo is going to help me cure my Cancer? My oncologist changed my treatment and I took my 6 session chemo Therapy treatment for 3 months. After I finished taking chemo therapy I took my radiation treatment for 6 weeks. I am grateful for all the Love and support I got from my lovely husband, handsome boys, mother, sisters, family, friends and coworkers. Breast cancer taught me to enjoy life everyday as if it’s our last day. Also not to take anything for granted. My strength and motivation always came from God. I prayed all the time and my husband was one of my biggest supporters. My husband was supporting me by cooking, taking care of kids and giving me love and support. I am always grateful and thankful for my wonderful husband. Thinking what I went through without God and my husband Love and Support, I wouldn’t have made it. One thing I now know if we have God then he is our strength. Everyone in my family said I kept them together because I was very strong. People reach out to me to get advice and support if any family member or themselves have been diagnosed with this disease.

Today I tell everyone around me God answered my question and prayer in a way I did not expect. One thing I noticed after I went through this my life changed for the good. Breast cancer made me closer to my God. He has been pouring many blessings in my life. God is Amazing!!! He even blessed me to go to Jerusalem in 2013 to tell my testimony. All I could say was Thank you God! Today I am cancer free and 6 years Breast cancer Survivor. My name is Rahel and this is my story.