Rebecca King



I am Rebecca King(38), a wife, mother of 3 sons, and I am a professional in the banking industry of 17 years who soley provides financially as my 3 yr old has Cerebral Palsy so dad stays home to care for him and our 1 year old. . I survive my oldest sister ( breast cancer) and mother ( ovian cancer). My journey starts here… I lost my older sister at the age of 38 to breast cancer in Aug of 2014, two days after I gave birth to my last son. This was a very devastating but a joyful time. I really wasn’t sure how to feel with all the different emotions of her death and the birth of my son. This began my search for my health, at my postpartum check I begin discussing my family history and was referred to Cincinnati Breast surgeons to take preventive measures like mammogram and MRI, after assessing my family history and results of changes on my mammogram the recommended treatment was tomoxflin or bi lateral mastectomy to prevent. I took 6 months to think and pray, the decision for me was very clear, I needed this double mastectomy. I started my first surgery 7/715 of biopsy, although I had a clean bill of Binighn tumors, there were several in each breast removed. I completed my second part of the surgery ( the mastgtomey) 7/21/15, 30 days ago with partial reconstruction with one surgery to go in Oct 2015. I’m four weeks post op and feeling a little better each day. I am thankful for the knowledge of my family history and the strength God gave me to under go this procedure at 38 ( the year breast cancer took my sister) This is a tribute to her and to spread the word about breast cancer awareness! Seek your options, be aware of your health and take proactive steps to prevent. Dedicated to my beloved sister. #raceforacure #awareness