Roberta Earl



In January, 2009, I had my yearly mammogram. One week later, I received a “call back” letter. That appointment consisted of another digital mammogram and an ultra-sound. The technician guided me into the office of the Radiologist who showed the film results of the two tests. She told me, with great care, to schedule an appointment with a surgeon.

That doctor set up ambulatory surgery for the middle of March. He also made appointments with a Radiation Oncologist and a Medical Oncologist. The lab report showed a six mm tumor and a large clean margin. One month later I had sentinel node, plus one more node, surgery. Both nodes were negative.

NO CHEMO! Radiation treatments began at the end of May (35). I take 2-4 hour naps daily due to the effects of radiation. The Medical Oncologist prescribed Arimidex which I began three weeks after radiation. Horror stories abound about side effects of this medication. And, yet, I believe that it is the best of the hormone group for me. I am a lucky, lucky, lucky person.

The tumor was not palpable and was so small that, thanks to the early detection, my prognosis is excellent. I have received excellent, medical and supportive care. The research has allowed the above professionals to achieve success after success. I am the daughter of a woman who had a radical mastectomy at 44yrs. of age, no recurrence, and passed away at 82 yrs. from heart failure.

So, I was lucky before my diagnosis!