Safiya Hill



2015 my whole life changed because I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 days after my daughter turned 13. Here I am 2 kids ages 13 and 7 at the time. How do I tell them this news? I don’t want to die they still need me. And that’s when it hit me! The faith of a mustard seed moves mountains and it was my faith that gave me my strength! My dad read a poem to me called Let Go & Let GOD the day I told him the findings and I realized that’s the only way to fight! I learned that the battle wasn’t mine, it was GOD’s and the victory would be mine! It wasn’t easy, but it was very necessary because a positive attitude makes all the difference in a healthy healing! I suggest if you are angry and feel depressed talk to a professional or join a support group who will help you and understand what you’re feeling! You are not alone and please never feel that you are! With GOD a complete healing is possible! You are more than a survivor you’re a conquer. I love you and so does GOD!