Sheila Rivers


My Journey

November 2014 a week before Thanksgiving I got the call! YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER. A truck load of emotions, fear, not knowing and disbelief came over me. After the removal of the tumor I began chemo on January 5, 2015. A series of 6 treatments which i am about to enter into my 5th one. My last treatment will be April 20, 2015. During this emotional roller coster I have found that the gym has become my best friend. Chemo Monday is what i call the day and the next two days are complete hell. I feel absoutly awful. Can hardly get out of bed but I do and make it to work at my job as a bookkeeper at Airline High School which has an enrollment of almost 2,000 students and 150 Faculty members. I truck on as if I feel good get through the day and force myself to the gym six days a week. This demon that I have confronted head on is not going to beat me! I have become stronger in my faith with God, learned to cherish each breath that God gives me and embrace life daily. 

My family and friends have been a life saver. My husband, daughter who is a RN and my son who is a freshmen in college have not left my side not one time. I have two treatments to go then endure 7 weeks of radation. I will have to say for a women losing your hair is the worst thing ever. The only thing i have enjoyed is not having to shave my legs and it doesn’t take me as long to get ready for work in the mornings. When you are faced with a tradegy in life you have a choice to make either lay down and feel sorry for yourself or stand up be strong and face it head on. My decision was to stand up and not quit fighting. Love God, Love youself, Love your family and friends that’s what has made me the strongest. My Journey! Sheila Rivers