Sheri Albert



I was a perfectly healthy girl, exercised daily, had always been compliant to have my annual checkups and was going in to have my yearly routine mammogram with a breast ultrasound. My life changed forever 3 years ago.

I became “1 in 8 Women“ on August 11, 2017 at 11:45am when I got the devastating phone call from my physician that my biopsy and imaging results showed invasive lobular carcinoma with 3 tumors and one dangerously close to my chest wall. I needed to be seen by an Oncologist Surgeon ASAP.

The overwhelming fear and shock immediately set in that I had cancer and didn’t even know it. Everything in my life came to a screeching halt as I had a new reality “Cancer didn’t Care.” The day of my breast cancer diagnosis I had undergone testing of the BRCA Gene along with 28 other gene cancer tests that all came back negative, along with my routine lab work that was normal.

My tumors were first found on my breast ultrasound, not the mammogram. Therefore, I decided my best odds of beating this cancer was to undergo a 7 hour life saving operation then another one to follow months later. I realized since my cancer diagnosis there are 2 roads in life I can choose, one to be “Bitter” or the other road is “Hope”. I chose the road of “Hope.”

Cancer wants you to ignore going to the doctor and not having your routine imaging so it has more time to spread through your body without you knowing, so when the cancer is found, it might be too late. Please listen to your doctors and get your Annual Mammogram / Breast Ultrasound and do your monthly self breast exam along with all your routine checkups.

If I can save “One Life” it’s worth it. I’m blessed and grateful to be a 3 year survivor who’s in remission as I will continue to be closely monitored by my doctors. I want to thank everyone for their amazing, unconditional support along with my incredible medical team. #rockstarstrong💕