Sheylla Garcia Lopez


How do I begin when my battle continues. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. I decided to have both breast removed. Free from cancer for 3 years and my cancer returned full force. Now, I have been diagnosed with bone cancer stage IV. I am currently done with radiation and now just on chemotherapy. I am determined to live a normal life not allowing this disease to over power me. Yes, I can decide to give up and not have contact with anyone. But I want to live and enjoy the blessings around me. Keeping busy and being around people that love me and treat me as if life continue is how I have decided to live. This is not an easy journey. When we are weak is where and when God intervenes. I believe that anyone who is a cancer patient are special people because we see things that no other people see….. love/pain, joy/sadness, peace/hardship. We must believe that we will conquer.