Tamara Newborn



In 2017, while caring for my mother who was dying from stage 4 breast cancer, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. My sister was diagnosed a couple of months later and my father a year later. I was battling breast cancer at the same time as my mother, father, and sister. Unfortunately, my mother passed from breast cancer at the end of 2017. My two sisters, father, and I are all survivors. I still have 1 reconstructive surgery left, but for the most part, I can happily say “We Kicked Cancer’s Butt.” My mother was diagnosed with stage 4, my sister was diagnosed with stage 3, I was diagnosed with stage 2b, another sister of mine was diagnosed with stage 1. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I wrote a book available on Amazon titled “Making it Through the Storm” about my journey through this battle.