Tamara Piraino



Still in Treatment

She doesn’t FIGHT alone

Hello, my name is Tamara, and I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1, Grade 3, ER+, PR+, HER2-, in July of 2023. I went in for my normal, yearly mammogram and at that time, I had no issues or concerns. Two days after that scan, I found a lump in my left breast while I was in the shower. After having another mammogram and an ultrasound, it was determined that I had a Sebaceous Cyst. I just so happened to be seeing my dermatologist the very next week and I mentioned it. Thank goodness he was proactive enough to remove it. His quick assessment was it was not a cyst but wasn’t sure what we were dealing with. He took out as much as he could and then sent it in for testing. When I got the call 2 weeks later that I have breast cancer, I was shocked! I quickly went to the internet which on some level was very helpful but also very scary. What helped me most was to connect with other women that have trailed this path before me. I learned so much more from them. First, everyone’s story is different, don’t overthink and celebrate the wins even the small ones. Women really do have a special bond and really know how to pull together during these times. I ended up having a lumpectomy and a bi-lateral reduction. I had some complications out of that surgery and had to have a second surgery due to narcosis. I have had 4 rounds of Chemo. Up next, I will do 16 rounds of radiation and then 5 years of Hormone blocker therapy. Having support like this platform makes me feel, I am NEVER alone!
I know this is a community nobody wants to be a part of but, I am so grateful it is here.