Tracy Nesbitt-Wright



Stage 2 estrogen negative progesterone negative her2 positive

Hello- My story began in 2012 when I was 34 years old and 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I was diagnosed on July 17th 2012 and gave birth at 30 weeks on July 19th 2012. I had a bi lateral mastectomy on July 31st 2012 and started chemo immediately (Ardriamycin, Cytoxin and Taxol) 34 rounds of radiation. After all that was completed I received Herceptin intravenously for a year.

My story was so painful at the time. Many months of struggling to live. Not to mention wanting to live for our two babies. I was the kind of girl who loved to be beautiful, loved my hair and go to the beach. All that changed in almost an instant.

I have been in many (11) surgeries with several implant exchanges, I finally made the decision in January 2023 to go completely flat. This has all been a journey and no decision was easy.

Today I have two beautiful daughters, no evidence of disease and strive to not look like I was ever sick. I always tell people I never want to look defeated. I think I have conquered it! I hope this story helps those who are in the midst of the fight and feel like they can’t go on or newly diagnosed.