Tanya Wegner



You never think you are going to be the one to hear those words that you have breast cancer. My Grandmother was diagnosed at 78 with breast cancer and after 6 years is still going strong. She has always been a rock star and cancer did not change that. She fought and won as I totally knew would. I began getting my mammograms at 40 with no real worries. Earlier this year, at 44, I went in for a regular annual exam and a lump was felt during the self-check. My mammogram and biopsy thereafter confirmed it was breast cancer. I had the lump removed without it reaching my nodes and radiation after. I hate cancer. All of it. I hate that so many suffer, and it doesn’t stop. It is also one thing that scares me for myself and others. I also have to thank cancer. I have found strength in myself and have been reminded what amazing family and friends I am blessed with. I give those extra hugs because I don’t want to take time for granted. The doctors, nurses and especially the radiation techs were great. They kept my light on inside each day and positive. I am now in a club I didn’t want to be in but wouldn’t change now that I have joined. I am bonded with some amazing women that will be my friends and sisters for life. And we are all strong and fighting for raising awareness and finding a cure. I think it is so important to remember to get your mammograms and do self-checks. Most important, I think you need to stay positive and keep faith in God. He was the one person I was most angry at on that first day, but faith in him is what carries us through.