Tena Black


In 2011 I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer, who knew 2 short years later I would be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. With my surgery not being scheduled until November I had to start aggressive chemo treatments. So of course every complication that could happen I would be faced with – infections, neutropenia, reactions to chemo, but I kept a positive outlook. Reconstruction failed 3 times & more infections. Through it all I have said well I have no insides, now no outsides, what kind of woman am I. I dig deep & know I am a strong woman, a woman who can find a silver lining in it all. I still have 1 more surgery to go and ever after battling for 2 years I still have more fight in me. I know that this is the final step. There will be no new tatas for me, but I am here. I am the short fluffy woman who at 45 can say with a positive outlook you can overcome anything. You just have to believe. I have a strong support system with family & friends. To them I am Mama T, to me I am the woman who looks at this as another bump in the road to overcome. You move forward & make the best of things.