Teri McClain



Who knew my very first 5k would be for breast cancer & that I would be walking for me. I’m fixing my oatmeal now as I’m about to head out in 35 minutes to head over to the Seattle Center. I figured I have breast cancer & I live nearby so it’s like an invitation that landed on my doorsteps. I have to be honest I didn’t know that much about breast cancer until it knocked on my doorsteps. Now I get it. Sadly that’s how it goes, isn’t it? I’m working with Swedish Cancer Institute and their team of doctors, nurses and therapists and everyone in-between. I completed chemotherapy. My breast surgery was April 21st. Radiation starts sometime this month. After this, I also need a hysterectomy. 

I’m taking it day by day and moving forward. I have been soul-searching and scratching my head all at the same time. My full-time job is working on my wellness. From Art Therapy to Goat Yoga!, you name it. I just want to thank all the organizations out there and all the folks that are supporting me on my journey now with breast cancer.