Tinamarie Conners



My sister Jo was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, she went heaven July 6, 2013, she underwent chemo therapy radiation and surgery, she was also a kidney transplant survivor. My kidney gave my sister 20 years she would not have had and, even though she lost the war against breast cancer, she showed me that life and love were worth fighting for every moment of every day. She is my hero, my angel up high, my best friend, my sister whom I love and cherish in my heart everyday. So never give up! She never did, her final words to me were, “I love you Sis, be strong.” I will never match her strength, her contagious laughter, or her unconditional loving heart. She was, and still is, number one to me and I will make sure her memories live on. I pray for a cure and all that have to go through this awful disease.