Torri Johnson



Survivor of Many Ribbons

In 1979 I was diagnosed with hydrogen disease at the age 4, and 1992 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer age 16, and in 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, age 46.

My last two characters came from the amount of radiation in chemo treatment I received back in 1979. Technology has gotten better over the years so I know that people are living longer such as myself even though I have had reoccurrences and beat those reoccurrences.

Prior to my breast cancer I have been an advocate for others a speaker at the American Cancer society and just a great support for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and other cancers.

I feel with the cancers that I have battled, I have so much to share about my journey that will help others who are going through cancer and who are newly diagnosed. I am always looking for something dealing with cancer to educate myself and others to be a part of walks like the DMV Tri-State walk.

I am very outgoing open and qualifying cancer is just a stepping stone for the moment but I always rise shine and continue to enjoy life.