Trudy Mcelroy



Breast Cancer Stage 1

Back on 10/8/2014 I was told that I need more test done and Biopsy I was told I had Inrasive Ductal Carcinoma in the right breast then went had a MRI done and was told that I need a more Biopsy done . Then went in on Dec. 11,2014 and had a Double Mastectomy done stay in the hospital 1 night . Then sent home with drain tubes in .Had them till Jan 2,2015 when the surgeon DR. Fender from Tyler TX toke them out . Still going back every week to have Fluid drain out . My Hematology Oncology is Dr . Usrey from Tyler TX . Now I’m on the pill called Letrozole for 5 yr. Thank You for this Trudy McElroy