Victoria Bradford



Before my Breast Cancer Journey began on January 25, 2019, I was very diligent with my Breast Health and Self Examinations.

As a young adult I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast and had very dense Breast Tissue, so I began having Mammograms in my 20’s. I had to watch my caffeine intake and do self checks often. In the Summer of 2018, my breast began to feel tender. I thought it was an indication that I needed a larger brassiere size. So after traveling all summer, I went in for my routine check up.

During this time, the doctors thought they noticed something and wanted me to come back for extra testing. After it was clear that I may have some mass in my breast, I was called in for a biopsy. My biopsy showed I had a lymph node under my left arm and a breast lump on my left breast, that were cancerous.

I was diagnosed a Stage 2B and Her 2 Positive which means my Cancer was estrogen seeking. After my diagnosis I began my treatment plan, which consisted of 28 Chemo Treatments, and Genetic Testing, which revealed I had the Cancer Gene Mutation BRCA2.

With the BRCA2 Gene I would have to have my female organs removed as well as have a Bilateral Mastectomy. Since I carried the BRC2 Gene, I had to have both breast removed.

Fast forward to October 2021, I am still recovering from Reconstruction that I had in June of 2020 and this month I just completed my first year of my Hormone Blocker Chemo Pill Letrozole that I have to take for 5 years. I receive regular check ups from my Breast Surgeon and my Oncologist to stay well.

With great faith and an amazing team of Doctors from Saint Luke’s Medical Center in Kansas City Missouri, I am in survivorship and call myself an Overcomer. As the word says we are Overcomers by the words of our testimony. In short, my story isn’t just for me but for others as well