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Research table: Alcohol and breast cancer survival

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Introduction: Some findings suggest women who drink alcohol after a breast cancer diagnosis have a higher risk of breast cancer recurrence (a return of breast cancer) and breast cancer mortality (death from breast cancer) than those who don’t drink alcohol.

Other studies show no difference in breast cancer recurrence or breast cancer mortality between those who drink alcohol

One reason for these mixed findings may be that drinking in moderation has some health benefits. It may lower the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and overall mortality (death from any cause) [1-2].

Excessive alcohol drinking has no health benefits, only health risks.

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Study selection criteria: Prospective cohort studies with at least 1,000 participants, pooled analyses and meta-analyses.

All studies measured alcohol intake after breast cancer diagnosis.  

Table note: Relative risk above 1 indicates increased risk. Relative risk below 1 indicates decreased risk.  


(number of participants)


Women Treated for Breast Cancer Who Drank Moderate Amounts of Alcohol versus Those Who Did Not Drink Alcohol,
RR (95% CI)

Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast Cancer Mortality

Prospective cohort studies

Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study [3]




Collaborative Women’s Longevity Study [4]





WHEL Study [5]





Pathways Study [6]





LACE Study [7]





Breast Cancer Family Registry – New York [8]





Pooled and meta-analyses

After Breast Cancer Pooling Project [9-10]





Gou et al. [11]

12 studies




* Among women who were diagnosed with breast cancer after menopause, those who drank 4 or more alcoholic drinks a week had an increased risk of breast cancer recurrence compared to those who did not drink alcohol, 1.19 (1.01-1.40).

Among women who had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers, those who drank 7 or more alcoholic drinks a week had an increased risk of late breast cancer recurrence (5 or more years after diagnosis) compared to non-drinkers, 1.28 (1.01-1.62).


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Updated 08/28/23