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Research table: Hair dyes and breast cancer risk

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Introduction: Most studies, including a meta-analysis that combined the results of 14 studies, have found no increased risk of breast cancer among women who use permanent hair dye.

However, some findings suggest women who use permanent hair dye may have a slight increase in risk. This topic is under study.

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Study selection criteria: Prospective cohort studies and meta-analyses.

Table note: Relative risk above 1 indicates increased risk. Relative risk below 1 indicates decreased risk.


Study Population
(number of participants)


Relative Risk of Breast Cancer in Women who Ever Used Hair Dye Compared to Those who Never Used Hair Dye,
RR (95% CI)

Prospective cohort studies

Nurses’ Health Study [1]

(9,252 cases)


1.02 (0.98-1.07)

Cancer Prevention Study II (CPS-II) [2]

(number of cases not given)


0.95 (0.83-1.08)

Sister Study [3-4]

(3,380 cases)*


Hair dye use ages 10-13:
0.97 (0.78-1.20)

(2,794 cases)*


Hair dye use during adulthood:
1.09 (1.01-1.17)

Shanghai Women’s Health Study [5]

(592 cases)


0.93 (0.78-1.09)


Takkouche et al. [6]

14 studies including 680,633 women
(any hair dye use)


1.06 (0.95-1.18)


9 studies
(permanent hair dye use only)


0.98 (0.91-1.07)


9 studies
(intensive hair dye use)


0.99 (0.89-1.11)

NS = Not statistically significant

* All participants have a sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


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Updated 06/05/24