Questions You May Want to Ask Your Health Care Provider – Breast Cancer Screening

Questions for your health care provider

  • Do I have a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer?
  • When should I begin getting mammograms?
  • How often should I get a mammogram?
  • What should I do to prepare for a mammogram?
  • Is my mammogram scheduled at an FDA-certified mammography center? (To check on your own, visit the FDA website.)
  • Does the radiologist specialize in mammography?

If your health care provider doesn’t perform a clinical breast exam  

  • Would you perform a clinical breast exam today (or refer me to someone who can)?

If you’re 40-49 and your health care provider doesn’t bring up mammography

  • Would you please discuss the benefits and risks of mammography for me?

If you’re at higher risk of breast cancer

  • What screening tests do you recommend for me?

If you have a physical disability

  • Which mammography center can accommodate my needs?

If you’re pregnant

  • Can I get screened now? If so, what type of screening is safe?

If you’re breastfeeding

  • When and what type of breast cancer screening should I get?

If you have breast implants

  • Which mammography center has experience in mammography for women with breast implants?

If you have an abnormal finding on a clinical breast exam or a mammogram

  • What follow-up tests will I have? Please describe these tests to me.

Questions for your mammography technologist

Before your mammogram, let your technologist know if you feel anxious or have any concerns. And tell her if you feel any discomfort during your mammogram.

  • How long will the mammogram take?
  • When will I get my results?

Learn more about talking with your health care provider.

Talking with your health care provider

It may be helpful to download and print Susan G. Komen®‘s Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Screening Mammograms resource and write on it at your next doctor’s appointment. Or you can download, type and save it on your computer, tablet or phone using an app such as Adobe. Plenty of space and a notes section are provided to jot down answers to the questions.

There are other Questions to Ask Your Doctor resources on many different breast cancer topics you may wish to download.

Learn more about talking with your health care provider.

Updated 11/29/22