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Center for Public Policy

More than 44,000 people in the U.S. die each year from breast cancer, with the majority of these deaths resulting from metastatic breast cancer. Susan G. Komen® is committed to doing everything it can to change that unacceptable reality, including mobilizing the voices of advocates to achieve lasting change through sound public policy. Komen works to educate people about public policy issues, so they are empowered to become forceful advocates for themselves and their neighbors, and then unites their collective voices for maximum impact.

Sound government action is critical for making the broad, systemic and lasting changes we need to save lives and end breast cancer forever. That means that Komen – as a patient advocacy organization with first-hand knowledge of how breast cancer touches people and communities – must advocate at all levels of government. We cannot do it alone; Real change requires a chorus of voices!

The Susan G. Komen® Center for Public Policy focuses on efforts to:

• Empower people and policymakers with knowledge,
Connect advocates together, and
• Mobilize everyone to Act for lasting change.

The Center for Public Policy is not a separate organization, but rather a unifying identity for the critical work we are doing to take action through public policy in the fight against breast cancer. The Center includes an inspiring new tagline – Powered by YOU. This tagline speaks to the essence of our advocacy work. Change is only possible through each of you.










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