Worship in Pink Ambassador Program

Breast cancer can be overwhelming, but there is strength in faith.

Welcome to Susan G. Komen’s Worship in Pink Ambassador Training Program. Use the following links to complete your training and prepare to empower your faith community with knowledge and resources to take an active role in their breast health.

Ambassador Training Video | Ambassador Toolkits | Worship in Pink Event Resources

Ambassador Training Video

New to Worship in Pink? Please watch the Worship in Pink Ambassador training video to help you get started. Here you will learn more about Worship in Pink, learn about Susan G. Komen and the work being done to put an end to breast cancer, and learn basic breast health education to equip you to support your community.  

Ambassador Toolkits

Congratulations, you are on your way to making an impact in your community. Check out our Ambassador toolkits to help you as you start your Worship in Pink journey. There are three different Worship in Pink toolkits available based on the best fit for your community, as well as a social media toolkit. 

Worship in Pink Event Resources

Use the Breast Self-Awareness PowerPoint presentation slides to give your own presentation. There is a script in the notes section so you will know exactly what to say. Download and print the flyers and PDFs for your community’s event to amplify the conversation about breast health, breast cancer screening, and Susan G. Komen’s services and resources. 

Breast Health PDFs