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Susan G. Komen Uniting to Increase Impact

Earlier this year, Susan G. Komen announced we were transforming our operations and mission delivery approach in order to operate more efficiently and effectively for the women and men we serve. This multiphase transition is ongoing and will continue over the next year. As some local Affiliates begin this transition, we understand there are some questions and concerns. It is natural for supporters to wonder what this means for them and the future of Komen’s support in their area. Let us clarify. 

We want to be clear: Susan G. Komen is not going anywhere. We are not leaving communities. We are transitioning from a federated business model of independent Affiliates to a single, united entity in order to increase our operational efficiency and impact. While we will leverage centralized back office systems and reduce duplication of efforts across the country, we will continue to have Komen team members in local communities across the country. In most communities, these team members will be many of the very same people who previously (or currently) worked for our Affiliates, but who will now be a part of a consolidated team, collaborating with colleagues across the country in community development and mission roles. While not everyone will transition, we will continue to support people no matter where they live or where we had a physical office. In addition, people in need of support will have access to our free Breast Care Helpline, our Treatment Assistance Program and other patient support services.

“The unprecedented health and economic crisis we are undergoing as a nation has highlighted how important our patient support, research and advocacy are for people facing breast cancer – they need us now, more than ever,” said Paula Schneider, Komen’s President and CEO. “Any reports or rumors of Komen’s closing are untrue. We are evolving, as we should, to ensure we are there for the breast cancer community for years to come.”

In addition to centralizing operations, we are realizing additional cost savings across the enterprise by transitioning to a completely remote workforce, with a virtual office environment in most locations. This enables us to have team members in most every state in the country, without the expense of office locations. This includes our former headquarters location in Dallas. As a result, we will be able to reduce our operational costs, while at the same time increasing our mission impact.

While we are making some changes, some things will never change. We will continue to host Race for the Cure and MORE THAN PINK Walk events across the country – virtual this year, and in-person again when able and appropriate. We will continue to provide you with additional opportunities to show your support for your friends and loved ones and to raise money to create a better future. We will continue to invest in breakthrough research. We will continue to advocate for compassionate public policies at all levels of government. And we will continue to support people facing breast cancer today, serving as a trusted and valued partner throughout a person’s breast cancer journey.