Alice Mitchell



Thankful to give back

What am I thankful for? I can say the usual answers- family, friends, good health, but I’m thankful for those things everyday. As another friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, I am thankful that God has blessed with the breath of life so that I can share my experience with breast cancer & knowledge I learned with others to help them get through. I remember once asking God why me..what have I done to deserve this? The answer of course is I did nothing wrong but sometimes we must bear heavy burdens in order to gain the strength it takes to help someone else. As crazy as it sounds, cancer made me a stronger more ambitious more dedicated and loving person. More committed to living a better life & helping others as much as I can to live one too. I do not take this task lightly, nor is it easy, sometimes requiring me to dig deep to find the courage & strength to continue, but in helping one more person live a rich empowered life through and after cancer I get to show God I am thankful that he let me live. So if you ask me what I’m thankful for today, I’m thankful to God for his grace & mercy to let me survive cancer & help others to do so as well.