Alicia Mole



I went in for a normal routine pap smear with my gynecology. But, couple of days before I felt a thick tissue, not a lump. So, I show it to my doctor and she felt is as well. Just to be on the safe side she order a mammogram. I was not worry about i thought it was nothing didn’t feel like a lump didn’t have any other abnormal sign the would lead up to breast cancer. So, I went in April 2014 for my first mammogram and I can tell by the look on her tech face something wasn’t right so we gone ahead and did a breast ultrasound. Was there for awhile and the nurse step out and the doctor walks in and take a look for himself. He told me I needed to follow up with my doctor asap. What I thought was nothing but thick tissues was more then that. As he shows me the lump was underneath all the tissue that was pushing it up. I told him but I have no pain no redness or anything abnormal. I talk to my doctor the very next day and she read the reports the radiologist diagnosis me with Stage 5 malignant. Every word after that was just blah. By the then my heart has drop and started to cry. I was doing this without telling anyone about it. My plans go see the breast doctor let see what she says maybe they are wrong. She see the lump and the thick tissue. First plan biopsy. Then we would go from there. In the back of my mind I was so scared I told one person onlyou because I needed someone to drive me for my biopsy because I would not be able to drive. I still have not told my family my kids nor my friends. Biopsy was done she took a good bit out. Went for my follow up by myself. And she says its breast cancer. My heart just stop. I couldn’t breath. How am I going to tell my kids? They just lost there dad the year before. I am a single mother I am a widow. I was so anger. I cry in the parking lot of my doctor. By then I knew I had to tell my kids, my family, my friends and my job. I had to tell them because next step surgery. And I had to be out of work for a couple of days. And according to the doctor we caught it early enough no chemo or radiation need. Good deal so I thought. My kids,family and friends got more involved and help up. One of my best friend took me to have my surgery. Everything went well she got the lump out 2cm. Went back a week later for my follow up. Thinking I am going to get good news. Nope that didn’t happen it. She tell me it’s Stage 2 cancer. She had to go back in and remove the whole area where it was sitting and remove 4 lymph nodes. Ugh…sugrey again. She went in got everything out and remove the lymph node. Again another follow up and again hoping for good news. Nope. My cancer has spread rapidly I was now Stage 2A breast cancer. And now I had to do chemo and radiation. 6 rounds of chemo every 21 days and 4 weeks of radiation every day. All of this was happening way to fast. I was ready to give up and threw in the towel. But, my kids, my family, my friends and mostly God would not let me. Threw my whole process doctor appointments, chemo, and radiation I work threw it all. Don’t get me wrong I had my very weak moments been in and out of the hospital chemo was making my immune system go down. Plus on top of all of this is also have lupus. So, I was fighting for dear life. I was still a mother, daughter, sister, and a friend. I was not giving up. I pray and pray and pray. I talk to my decease husband to please cheer me on. My mom would come over and cook and clean. So would my sister. My friends would come over keep me company take care of my daughter. My son and daughter would do grocery shopping help with house chores. God, I was so very bless. I knew I had to keep fighting. I knew God was not ready for this angel. I am a warrior a fighter and this just made me more stronger and stronger everyday. Now, today I am 1 year in the clear. Cancer free. Thank you Jesus.