Allen Cline



If it weren’t for my mother I most definitely would not be here today. Her unwavering support and encouragement gave me hope when I had none. Her complete acceptance of me for who I was, where I was mentally, and who I had become unquestionably kept me going through the darkest hours of my life as of yet. Today I have hopes again, and my dream of becoming a designer is being realized. I now have goals and aspirations for the future I will create for myself. Her decision to love me even in my brokenness more than anything else saved my life. I love you momma [Genevieve Price] and hope I can return the love and compassion you’ve shown me every chance I get. I am proud to call you my mom and am always amazed by your strength and resilience. Thank you for accepting me as I am and for being you. Means the world to me to have another chance at becoming someone you will be proud of.